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Welcome to Alnahdi United

Alnahdi United is a defense contracting company specializing in military and law enforcement products and services. Alnahdi is dedicated to serving Government, Military, and Law Enforcement of Saudi Arabia and MENA (Middle East & North Africa). Founded by Mr. Majed Saleh Alnahdi, Alnahdi United is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with offices in strategic countries in the region. Alnahdi United prides itself for partnering with highly recognized and trusted companies from around the world in advanced military and law enforcement technologies to supply our clients with the best of the defense and security industry.

Vision 2030

Alnahdi United is inspired and motivated by Vision 2030 and strives to be part of the transformation of the Saudi society. We encourage the young men and women to be well equipped with high education and training skills for the exciting coming future. The effort to transform the economy and shift to a more independent reliability is a major mission that requires a national effort and from companies like ourselves (Alnahdi United). We (Alnahdi United) aim to support and this vision by many ways from localizing, staffing, and international awareness.

Our Clients